Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm on facebook.  Yes, it's true, and evidently I have 49 friends.  No matter that some of them I've had to look up in my 1977 MHS yearbook (I knew that there had to be a reason I've kept that thing all these years).  I will also admit that I open my Facebook page everyday.  It's kind of like a car wreck, I just can't seem to look away.

As I've mentioned, I have several nephews and nieces.  I first opened a Facebook account in order to have more contact with them, especially my nephew, Justin.  Some in my family think that Justin and I are very similar, and I think that we are, but not in the way that they think.  It took me many years to establish who I am and what I wanted, and a lot of my family think that Justin is going through that same thing, but I don't agree.  Justin wants to make a living as a singer/ songwriter, and is working hard to accomplish that goal (sidenote to Justin:  you can't do it if you aren't totally focused, and focus does not come from outside sources, if you know what I mean).  The problem is that being a singer/ songwriter is not seen as a practical way to make a living, and they are waiting for him to grow out of it, and to grow into something more practical, much as they see me as having grown into who I am.  No, the way that Justin and I are similar, is that we both have a need to live lives that are special.  I'm not saying that I think that we are special, or that we know things that other people don't know, but we both have a need to be that person that lives in our head.  Only time will tell whether Justin accomplishes his goal.  In my case, I finally did find a way to make a living, and I am living an "acceptable" life, but I was just riding along when this life happened.  Justin seems to be looking for something in particular.  We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

He, like you, is special. The both of you don't just have the dream to create YOUR OWN LIFE but you have the courage. I believe Justin thought he had lost that courage because he no longer depended on outside sources but he hasn't and this is what he is proving to himself. Man, I miss him! I miss the brother that I thought I never had but I know that he has this dream to share his songs and his voice with the world and I am so excited that he feels that he can pursue this dream again. He is a lot like you but he is like our grandfather as well. He has his pure determination and stuburness. With these tools and his pure talent he will succeed in this dream. When I was lucky enough to get to know him again, I saw our similarities. Our beliefs, our need to express ourself in ways that are unique to ourselves, and more than anything, the way we feel and think. I know now that if certain things had not have been done in the past, I would have undoubtably journied down the road in which he went in some way. I am so proud of him. More than I could ever say and I believe in him and I love him and I love this family that has helped us in good and in bad to become the individuals we have become.