Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It is beautiful here in northern Idaho. The temps are in the upper 60's, lower 70's and the sun is shining. I'm thinking about going out and tilling the garden, maybe go for a bike ride, or just a long slow run. I love these gorgeous Spring days when you just don't know what to do!

Hah: April friggin fools. It's 34 degrees and snowing. I got my MRI results back, and I won't be riding, running, gardening or skiing for quite awhile. It's a partial tear of the ACL, and tears in both lateral and medial menisci. Hopefully I will get away with arthroscopic surgery, but I can't get in to see the ortho until April 28th.

Now for the reality check. G is at the doc right now getting the results of her MRI. Her neuropathy is getting worse, and they want to see if her back is breaking down even more. She is in a lot of pain, and is pretty discouraged. My friend K is facing the prospect of starting chemo this week. I talked to her on Friday, and she was pretty scared.

The point is, it's just a friggin knee. I will miss at least half a season on the bike, and I don't know that I will ever run that marathon. But in the great scheme of things, it could be a lot worse. Now it's time for me to buck up and take care of the little woman.


Anonymous said...

it's a good thing you have friends with coffee and pinball machines. oh yeah, and will start riding their bike with you the day after you are scoped. what length stem did you need for the single speed ?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! It sucks to get old!!

Stephanie said...

Sucks about G and her back. She's been dealing with this for so long :(
Sucks about your knee too. Oh and your first little paragraph threw me...I was like..what state is he living in?! I thought maybe the PF climate was different from the one over here...LOL..