Thursday, November 20, 2008

My bicycle saved my life

        Man, work sucked today.  If you work for a big corporation, you understand the power of the bean counter.  The guy, that regardless of anything else,  is going to ream you because you didn't satisfy his particular  number, no matter that the final tally was what you were shooting for.  All jobs have their own issues.  If you work retail, it's that customer that can't understand why you won't put all your other customers on hold while you take care of his every need; if you're a bartender, it's obnoxious patrons, becoming more obnoxious the more they drink.  Yesterday, on my ride home, I stopped to talk to Gym Teacher, who was running late because he had to intervene in a child custody dispute when one of his student's mother showed up at school with her sleazy, boyfriend, lawyer.  My point is, work sucks.

       Then, at the end of the day, I walk out of work, crawl onto my bike, and ride home.  This afternoon it was dark, 38 degrees and raining when I left.  The first mile of my ride, I'm getting used to the cold and warming up my legs.  Then I hit the traffic.  For the next mile and a half, I am sprinting from red light to red light, hyper alert, trying to be aware of everything going on around me.  I am totally focused on the ride.  Then I hit the trail and I am able to relax.  I cruise along in the rain, watching the headlights of the mass of cars on I-90, reflect on my day, and ride my bike.  By now I am warm and enjoying myself.  I love to ride at night, and the rain gives me that little extra bit of self-righteousness as I watch all those poor slobs in their cars.  When I get home, instead of kicking the dog and yelling at the wife, I am the perfect picture of calmness and utter peace.  Well, you know, almost...

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ManicMama said...

Well, I don't know about perfect calmness and utter peace. Generally football does the trick, bout 4 to 5 blasts-top of the lungs-at the games misses and then we might say it's utter calmness. Of course that's after both dogs have ran and hid under the bed with their tails between their legs. I ought to know, I live with coeur d'commuter. Things are not peaceful in our house until the dogs are happy-you can take that several ways! I'm not a commuter, but I do have a bike. Mine is more of the cruiser persuasion. Do I have to be a commuter to type on this blog? I would think not, anyways, I'm the woman and I always have to comment on Dave's claim at not being a STRESSER. I know better, he's a Hylton.