Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Here!

30 inches in 24 hours and still falling.  The biggest 24 hour snowfall since we arrived in Idaho 13 years ago.  Also, the first time in 13 years that I have missed work (at least for this morning).  I used the grain shovel to clear the driveway from the garage to the street, but there is no way the Subaru is going to make it through the 30 inch wall of snow that is our street.  I know, I tried.  

Rebecca called to see if I was going skiing.  She was going to try to make it.  I told her good luck, and then said a little prayer for her.  She'll need it.  This is tough on powder heads.  24 inches of fresh, light, cold powder, and no way to get to it (although I'm sure a lot will try, and some will be successful).  A true champagne powder day!  If this was in February, with 24 inches of champagne powder on top of a deep base, it would be a truly epic day.  As it is, as nice as this snow is, it's just a good addition to the beginning of what we hope will be another incredible ski season.  As they say, Hope Winters Eternal.

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